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DEBH Call for Nominations Open now through January 19, 2024


DEBH is calling for nominations for four open Executive Committee positions and one elected committee position to begin July 01, 2024. Full descriptions of each office are available on the DEBH website and more information can be obtained by contacting the DEBH Past President (Tim Landrum; or the Nominations and Elections Committee (


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Vice President – 1-year term (2024-2025) The Vice President is an important role in shaping the vision and mission of the organization, as well as supporting member-related activities. The elected person will serve one year before ascending to President Elect, President, and then Past President over 4 consecutive years. 


Representative to the CEC Representative Assembly (Representative “A”) – 2-year term (2024-2025, 2025-2026) Representatives to the CEC Representative Assembly provide a crucial link between DEBH and the larger CEC organization, acting as a liaison between the DEBH Executive Committee, DEBH Regional and State Membership, and CEC.


International Member-at-Large – 2-year term (2024-2025, 2025-2026) The International Member-at-large (MAL) works with the DEBH Executive Committee to expand the perspective of DEBH outside of the United States.


Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Member-at-Large – 2-year term (2024-2025, 2025-2026) The Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Member-at-large (MAL) establishes and maintains a communication network to ensure that persons of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds have an active voice in DEBH activities and decision-making.


Nominations and Elections Committee Member – 3-year term (2024-2025, 2025-2026, 2026-2027) The Elections and Nominations committee members work with the Past President to conduct elections according to the DEBH Constitution and By-Laws. 


Nomination and Submission Instructions Nominators must send a signed letter to the DEBH Nominations and Elections Chair, Tim Landrum. This letter must include the nominator's DEBH membership number to validate DEBH membership of the nominator.


DEBH Past President

Tim Landrum


Nominations and Elections Committee

Rebecca Sherod

Mary Rose Sallese

Heather Griller Clark




Individuals nominated by another party must affirm their agreement by a separate letter to the Nominations and Elections Committee Chairperson, and must include the following materials:

  • Statement from nominee, separate from the nominator’s letter, agreeing to be nominated.
  • CEC membership number of the nominee, to validate DEBH membership.
  • Three-part statement that presents, in 1,000 words or fewer, the following:
    • a. issue(s) relevant for the Division for Emotional and Behavioral Health (may involve students, professionals, or other issues);
    • b. proposed responses needed to deal with issue(s) identified, and
    • c. how the nominee, if elected, can work on the DEBH Executive Committee in responding to these issue(s).
  • Condensed resume or vita (maximum of three pages).
  • A ballot statement describing nominee’s qualifications, perspectives, and/or goals. This will be included in the ballot verbatim, and length must not exceed 100 words. 
  • A photograph (ideally professional headshot) to be used on the ballot and DEBH social media (website, Facebook, Twitter, Behavior Today newsletter, etc.) Submitting the photograph serves as permission to use the photo in DEBH media.

The deadline for nominations and all supporting material for offices is January 19, 2024 and the election period will begin no later than February 1, 2024 and end no sooner than March 4, 2024.

Posted:  21 December, 2023

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