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Academic and Behavior Corner Video Series

The Division for Emotional and Behavioral Health (DEBH)'s Academic and Behavioral Corner video series focuses on the strategies, practices, and research that support students with challenging behaviors and the individuals who work with them.  

Watch the videos below to hear three different experts discuss math behavior interventions, culturally responsive social and emotional learning, and using educational technology to support student behavior.

Complete Series

Math and Behavior Intervention

Screenshot of Marie Fisher video

Marie Fisher talks about a math behavior intervention to help students develop number sense and regulate behavior while engaged in a math test.

Culturally Responsive SEL

Screenshot of Tia Barnes video

Tia Barnes discusses her research on incorporating culturally responsive social and emotional learning interventions into schools with highly diverse student populations.

Using Educational Software/Apps

Screenshot of video

Ashley MacSuga-Gage and Nick Gage share their decision-making framework for using software in special education.

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