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Join the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD), a Special Interest Division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), to get cutting-edge information on supporting students with emotional and/or behavioral disorders.

As the leading professional organization of educators dedicated to advancing the success of children with exceptionalities, CEC offers 18 Special Interest Divisions that members can join for an additional fee. CCBD is CEC's Special Interest Division dedicated entirely to the education and welfare of children and youth with behavioral and emotional disorders—with a specialized network of peers, advanced research, CCBD-specific journals, and the opportunity to dive deeply into helping students with challenging behaviors.

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    Member Benefits

    Professional development tailored to your interests:

    • Online and in-person CCBD webinars, conferences, and other professional development events led by experts in the field of emotional and/or behavioral disorders
    • A subscription to CCBD's Behavioral Disorders and Beyond Behavior journals featuring research-based articles on evidence-based practices for individuals with behavioral challenges
    • Access to the CCBD Newsletter and other CCBD information designed to give you the resources you need 

    Support from a network of peers in your same topic/area:

    • Opportunities to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with other special educators interested in supporting students with emotional and/or behavioral disorders
    • Ability to volunteer and get involved with CCBD leadership
    • Access to the exclusive CECommunity All-Member Forum

    Membership with CEC Headquarters and resources you can trust:

    Membership Categories

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    Current undergraduate or graduate students who have not yet worked as a professional. Student membership is not available to those professionals seeking additional degrees or certifications. Student memberships include a Student Educator Professional Liability Insurance policy for up to $1 million of coverage (eligibility requirements apply). 

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    Special or general education professionals with three or fewer years of professional experience. All new professionals are welcome—classroom, itinerant, and resource teachers; support personnel; researchers; faculty members; administrators; and others


    Special or general education professionals with more than three years of professional experience and interested parties. All are welcome—classroom, itinerant, and resource teachers; support personnel; researchers; faculty; administrators; family members; retired professionals; and others. 

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